Fantastic Frozen Bedding Set Twin

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Frozen bedding set twin – If you have daughters, nieces, granddaughters, goddaughters, you work in a nursery or nursery school or you just eat with friends-parents and you hear them talking, it’s impossible that you do not know Elsa (star of the movie Frozen ), better known as the princess of ice or snow queen. And is that this creation of Disney has taken the reign by the horns and has snatched the throne of childish woman obsession to the very Hello Kitty. The girls are still asking for dorms in pink (it is still their favorite color for many) but the frozen bedrooms have taken the lead and placed themselves in first place.

When decorating frozen bedding set twin you will have a limited color range, based primarily on the shades of snow, ice and sky. Even so, you can opt for more sober or livelier options according to the base tone chosen for the room. Snow colors par excellence, whites, silvers and shades of gray are the most appropriate if you want to get a sober and sophisticated frozen bedroom that survives a certain time and do not have to change as soon as fashion passes or your daughter grows 5 years.

Blue as Elsa’s dress, violet as her sister Anna’s cloak, are usually the most usual tones in a characteristic frozen bedding set twin. You can opt for a monochromatic bedroom with blue sky as the main tone or mix them to taste in cushions, rugs or walls. Main character of the film, with which most girls are identified by default. Her blue dress, her translucent layer and her turquoise eyes are what define the characteristic tonalities of every self-respecting frozen bedroom. His faithful sister, who risked his life for her, is another of the constants in many of the thematic decorative complements of a frozen room. Its fuchsia-purple coat can give the counterpoint of color to a typically “icy” room.