Feminine and Romantic Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor

Posted on Bohemian Bedroom

Chic bedroom decor – In thirty years, the Shabby Chic style has become a staple of decoration. With its romantic English cottage style, it brings a soft and dreamy touch into your home. The Shabby Chic style concentrates everything one would like to see in the English cottage of Miss Marple. Shabby meaning “spent” in the language of Shakespeare, the decor revolves around antique furniture with patina moldings.

Feminine and romantic decoration par excellence, the Shabby Chic style is based on light and soft colors embellished with floral and country motifs. In the middle of candles and bouquets of dried flowers, this style brings an air of freshness and elegance to your interior.

It is particularly appreciated in the bedroom and living room for its cozy side. But it also fits in the kitchen and bathroom for a charming house. Very nice, this British style can also very quickly do too much. The accumulation of trinkets, bulky crystal chandeliers, and flowery patterns may give your room a silly side. It is then to use it by keys and to distil it sparingly in your interior to offer him the rustic and romantic charm of an English cottage. Check our gallery to inspire you!