Formica Countertops Colors Vs Granite Countertop

Posted on Countertop Design

Can I compare Formica countertops colors with a granite table? This is the question I always ask. Well, can you compare wood with stone? No, you cannot! Same goes for countertops. Formica table consists of chipboard as a table core and laminated with Formica on the surface of chipboard. The Formica material itself is also present in the roll and can be used to stay on the table under the wall unit as a splash back.

You can also make your own laminate kitchen table by cutting a piece of chipboard, preferably as thick as 32mm, the shape you want and then sticking the Formica onto the chipboard. One of the best adhesives to use is my favorite Glue or Gemkem glue. Formica countertops colors are not as durable as a granite but durable table. If you take care of your desk, you will get mileage from it.

How do you take care of your countertop? Unlike granite where you can cut and place hot pots, you cannot do the same with counter Formica counter. Although Formica countertops colors are already scratched and heat resistant it is not scratch and heat resistant. This means you cannot cut the Formica table or put a hot pot on it, but you can pull the pot on the table without scratching it and also keep the cold temperature pot and frying pan on it without burning a hole in Formica.