Full Size Futon Bed and Covers

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Full Size Futon Bed – Futon, originating in Japan, is primed as a bed. The Japanese culture used these Futons for several running years. Filled with soft materials like cotton, wool, and synthetic batting, Futon is made comfortable for sleeping. Futons are usually placed on the floor for people to sleep on; yet, people find it soft and cozy just like the regular beds placed on bed frames. Futons are often seen in Japanese specialty stores sold in packages including the padded futon mattress, and the quilted comforter or blanket.

Other than the softness and comfort it provides for the person using it, full size futon bed come in handy for keeping the room more spacious and serves the room another purpose other than as the bedroom. These can be folded and kept in a cabinet while not in use. Also, by storing them, environmental dirt and dust are kept away from them. As they become popular, futons are already adapted to the Western culture. It is based on the Japanese bed, yet with some difference. First, Japanese futons are placed on the floor for sleeping. Now, Western people built futon frames, usually made of plywood or metal frames where the padded mattress is placed. This makes the futon of dual purpose. It can be used as a bed during the night and a comfy couch during the day since the frames can be adjusted either in a sitting or reclining position.

Western-style full size futon bed is made with several layers of foam and batting, making it much larger and thicker than the Japanese futons. They come with lovely futon covers. Futon covers make the mattress clean, and these are available in different designs and colors to match the theme of the room. Futon covers also keep the padded mattress durable for many years. Nowadays, its are not only use by the Japanese, but among all sorts of races around the world.