Futon Beds Queen Size for Comfortable Sleep

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Futon beds queen size – The mattress should represent the tatami from which it is inspired, that is, it must be solid, but flexible, and must be close to the ground. As a general rule, the use of any mattress is allowed, so you can take advantage of all the mattresses you already have! The most customizable part is the support where the mattress or tatami will be placed. The support of the futon is at ground level, it is something new, that offers a modern and innovative panoramic, and that in addition, we can personalize choosing elegant or funny colors, or even painted by hand. With the futon, you can combine the bed with the furniture and also with the floor!

Choose the right size based on the base or tatami available. There are designs in many colors and shapes, so it will be easy to adapt it to the style of the room, and even transform it into the very heart of the bedroom. And for the most demanding, there are also roll-up mattress models instead of a tatami, so you can simply roll them up and keep them, like real Japanese! Opt for futon beds queen size if you want to decorate your house according to the Zen style. We recommend a modern futon bed to sleep and even futons to set your living room, your terrace or your patio.

Create an original and very cozy atmosphere with futons. Many fashionable bars have already included the futon in the decoration of their rooms and terraces. And is that the ethnic style is more fashionable than ever and not only in furniture and accessories to sleep. Solid wood is a high quality and very resistant raw material, and it is also an ideal material to highlight the decoration of any bedroom. This material is the most used but it is not the only one, we can choose our futon beds queen size with mattresses made of plastic, rattan or wooden agglomerations.