Futon Beds with Storage: Suitable For Small Space

Posted on Futon Bed Designs

Futon beds with storage – If you have a few meters at home, the bed seems to always get in the way. Without a doubt, it occupies an important space, but also essential. Do I choose a sofa bed? Do I put a mattress on a loft? Better the bed in sight? Learn the keys to choosing a solution compatible with your square meters and your lifestyle, answering these 6 key questions. Do I reserve a private space in the bedroom? The rectangular plants, although narrow, allow projecting a distribution in row, in which the sectors of use do not intermingle.

How many meters are needed for the futon beds with storage? If you place the bed centered, with circulations on three sides, you need at least an area of ​​7m2; supporting it at an angle, with access on one side, occupy about 4.5m2. The second option is, therefore, more appropriate when you suffer from space problems. In any case, if at the end you opt for the centered bed, give priority to the main circulation, for example, to the closet. The most compact solution could be 2.20 m wide by 3.30 m long.

Is a futon beds with storage in height suitable for me? Place the mattress on a platform, without the bed structure, sectaries the environment much more than a bed to dry. The reason? Unevenness is created that makes the operation of homes with a few meters or a unique environment independent. A good idea is to give a sufficient height, to be able to take advantage of the low as storage. How do I place the bed safe from the eyes, in the open spaces? In this attic, having the semi-open bedroom allowed to place the bed in the lower area of ​​the attic, optimizing the height for the day areas.