Get the Most Out of Twin Mates Bed

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Twin mates bed – Just as there are hidden beds in something similar to a closet, there are beds that literally come down from the ceiling. Through a mechanical system of rails, pulleys or gears, you can raise and lower your bed when you need it. Thus, during the day you will have a useful place to take advantage of. What do you think of this novel idea? Another idea to save space is hidden or collapsible beds. The idea is to integrate this indispensable element into a bedroom inside another piece of furniture, so that you can resort to it only when you need it.

For example, the twin mates bed is under a platform that elevates the living room compared to the rest of the apartment. This is an ideal solution for very small homes or for families who normally receive guests , but who cannot afford to have a piece dedicated to visitors. The original example consists of another hidden bed. The desk or work area in the room will be converted into a single bed by turning it 180 degrees. More than something for day to day, it will be an ingenious solution for guests or for people who work in their studies and need a “break”.

Nowadays, the tendency is that they fulfill more than one function at the same time, such as: bed with sofa and shelves or twin mates bed with desk. The beds that include storage spaces in its structure also allow gaining more room in the bedroom, because you will not need additional furniture. For example, this bed without backrest has a slight extension in its structure, which allows storing books and installing a table lamp. In addition to having your favorite novels on hand, you will save yourself from integrating a night table into your room!