Gorgeous Pink Floral Comforter

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Pink floral comforter – To slip in beautiful sheets, does it tempt you? Blue lagoon, pristine white, powder pink: waiting for the summer season, the bed linen is renewed with light colors, injecting a nice dose of pastel in our rooms! Small selection of bedding in which we already imagine … Bath of freshness guaranteed in the room with this set of bed that combines soft tie and dye and invigorating color!

Combining pink and white is a similar relationship. To give a warm and energetic atmosphere to your room, prefer the complementary relationship. Complementary colors are the color that are opposite each other on the color wheel. One color is always use more than the other in a complementary relationship to avoid saturation effects. For example, if your walls are in a shade of green, use red pillowcases .

Pink and black are not consider colors. Associating primary colors is not advisable, except for children’s rooms because they love the saturations of colors. There are online tools to help you exploit all possible combinations of the color wheel. Like black and white, gray is a so-called “neutral” color that goes with almost all colors. Favor dark colors for your bed linen and light colors for your walls. Do not forget to play on contrasts and shades more or less dark.