Granite Countertop Edges: Never Goes Out Of Style

Posted on Countertop Ideas

It is curious, despite the passing of time and new materials; one of the most demanded options for countertops in the kitchen is granite. The choice of this material is very important, since it is one of the main elements of the kitchen, of which most is seen and of which it is used the most. It is clear that the granite countertop edges are the most traditional option, which never goes out of style. But let’s know a little more about her and why she triumphs so much.

What are granite countertop edges? Granite is a rock formed by quartz, mica and feldspar. It is a very versatile stone, since it is used in different places such as for sculptures, coatings of buildings, interior decoration, etc. One of the most important characteristics is its hardness (hence it is used for different uses) and this is given because it solidifies very slowly and at high pressure, making it a hard and very durable rock.

Granite countertop edges do not have a bad aging. It does not spoil with scratches and can withstand high temperatures, very important in a place like the kitchen. It cleans easily. With soap and water, lifelong. We have many finishes to choose from. There are from aged, satiny … and, in addition, different colors, with what aesthetically we can choose the one that best combines with our kitchen.