Great Idea for Twin Low Loft Bed

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Twin low loft bed – bed occupies much of space available in one piece and in some cases, practically whole. In addition, departments that were built in recent years are getting smaller. On one hand, because they were intended to offset high prices. On other, to adapt to new social realities such as singles, couples without children or single-parent families. Many Chileans need to find a way to save space in bedroom. Every bedroom needs a place for storage. But if bed occupies a large part of room, you may not be able to install a chest of drawers or a chest of drawers, in addition to closet.

Solution that we see in image is creative and functional: it consists of a high twin low loft bed backrest with a bottom , whose rear part houses several large drawers . Its size and height work as a separator of spaces, type screen. In this way you have a ‘3 in 1’ element: backrest, drawer and visual space separator.  Surely you saw hundreds of images on trundle beds, with drawers or canapés. But did you know any example of a bed over closet? Here you have it. This idea, although it requires “snag” of a professional carpenter to build custom furniture, can solve your space problems in your bedroom or small apartment.

High twin low loft bed is a better known option than previous ones. In addition, they are very recurrent in mini apartments or ‘loft’ type homes. Its main advantage is saving of space, since bed does not occupy a square meter on floor. This idea is basically to raise bed to a height high enough to create a useful place under it.  You can use this new space to install a desk, a closet, a play area or design a more transparent piece.