Great Ideas Shabby Chic Bedroom Decoration

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Shabby chic bedroom decoration – Shabby elegance can best be described as a contemporary Scandinavian design mixed with a touch of Victorian countryside appeal. In other words, unfortunate elegance is a design trend that emulates a feminine pastel design element. Shabby elegant interior design tends to work well in bedrooms and bathrooms, but not in living rooms or kitchens. The most popular room for shabby chic design is undoubtedly the master bedroom. To better interpret this aspect, the walls are painted generally stony white or a soft pastel color. With some practical advice,

Choose ornate light wooden furniture. Best modern furniture with clean lines and soft pale bleached wood is the perfect element for a shabby chic bedroom. The furniture can be a pure white light, or as dark as a washed bleached oak hue or, but not go darker than that. In addition, paint the door siding, window panes and seat, and the crown mold a marked white color. A clean fresh color palate will set the mood for this shabby chic design that focuses on the design of Scandinavian furniture

A wooden candlestick in pastel colors with a slight amount of gold can be hung on the wall of the room with some simple, bone-colored candles inserted in the chandeliers. This Victorian design element is a symbol of a shabby chic decor. Blue and white china vases, beaded chandeliers. And ginger pastel boxes add to the soft. And also elegant shabby chic look that makes for an awesome bedroom design.