How to Cut Formica Laminate Countertops

Posted on Countertop Ideas

Formica laminate countertops – Formica is a form of laminate and, like other laminates, tends to undermine and divide when you cut it. Getting a clean cut along the edge of a Formica countertop is possible, however. Tape placed on the surface will help prevent chipping from masking, such as the use of a fine tooth blade and cut very slowly. To obtain the completely straight cut, hold a record sheet guide on the counter. Mark the location for the cut, laying one level above the surface of the countertop and run the pencil next to it.

Press tape over the adhesive line, along its length. If you cannot easily see the pencil line through the ribbon, draw again on the ribbon. Measure from the edge of the saw blade on the circular saw to the edge of the blade plate (the horizontal part). Mark that measurement on the formica laminate countertops, starting with the line and measuring the back to the side that is going to be cut. Draw a line at that point, running parallel to the first line.

Formica laminate countertops, position a 1 x 2 next to the second line. Hold the plate in place with wooden clamps. Adjust the saw on the countertop so that the blade faces the exit of the first line, on the masking tape, and the outer edge of the horizontal blade plate is pressing against the side of the 1 x 2. Involve the saw. Cut very slowly on the counter, which allows the board to maintain the straightness of the blade. Cut all the way through it.