How to Install Hampton Bay Countertops

Posted on Countertop Design

Hampton bay countertops are not common if you are considering protecting a type of stone, such as granite. If you want to give your granite a nice finish and protect it while keeping it stain resistant and free of charge, an epoxy coat will be perfect for the job. You can give almost all kinds of stone worktops an invisible epoxy countertop to protect it for years to come.


Cover the entire surface with newsprint and masking tape around the bench itself. Leaves nothing exposed, not even the sink or floor below the counter. Thoroughly mix your Hampton bay countertops before you begin to coat your bench. You can touch it with brush or with a wooden stick. If your epoxy does not get mixed well, it may tend to be messy. Use a body lining epoxy roller to apply the mass of your epoxy. Areas that you cannot reach with the roll must be filled with the small brush.

Apply your epoxy generously. If you do not put a lot of epoxy on the Hampton bay countertops can be unplanned. Be sure to cover the entire bench, including the sides and the lower part that is exposed. If you want, you can use multiple layers for a thicker coating. Most people prefer to keep the epoxy at about 1/8 of an inch, so the beauty of the stone beneath it is still apparent. Leave the epoxy set for 48 hours. This will be more than enough time for it to set. Remove the newspaper and tape. Now your Hampton bay countertops should have a clear, protective coating that will keep it looking beautiful.