How to Make Mid Century Wood Bed Frame

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Making a mid century wood bed frame allows you to make bedroom living room to your particular dignity and taste. Design a one-of-a-kind bed, to carefully body comfort and like for aesthetic appearance. Then mount the bed to the latest as favorite furniture

You need:

Design the mid century bed frame in your style. Before any physical step, come up with the idea for a bed that has the right style concept and safe comfort. After imagining furniture, your size knows by measuring the mattress and mattresses. Choose the wood that gives you that look and will last in the same loyal form. You want a design to look at, so sketch the idea on paper, initially with the overview that shows the bed shape. From sketch, make a working drawing that gives you an orthogonal view, front, top and sides. The drawing, in a 1/8 or 1/4 scale in proportion, contains all pieces with dimensions and details.

Make material lists for selection and cutting. Look at the drawing and list all the material you need. Make sets for the gable, footsteps, railings, ledges and knobs. Use chalk to draw the design furniture on each piece of wood. Cut wood pieces and carpentry. Use to cut each piece. Use saws, chisels and drills to make mortises and drops. If you prefer, use a router and a shaper to complete carpentry forms. Grind pieces with 80 grains to 120 sandpaper. Mount wooden bed frame. Assembling the bed frame is the time to make the construction a lasting peace. Join two services to head boards, using mortises and drops, to make headboards. Use screwdriver to screw in wooden screws. Put the foot posts together and boards in the same way.