How to Tension Grey Quartz Countertops

Posted on Countertop Design

Grey quartz countertops – The typical homeowners respond to the need for more bench space has been to renovate the existing countertops. However, a cheaper method is to extend the existing countertops with a matching board sitting on the side of the cabinet that the worktop rests on. Since the extension must be able to support the same weight per square meter as the existing countertop, you must tighten the bottom with brackets. While the braces are not difficult to install, you must place them in a special way to keep the new expansion level and support the weight necessary with use.


Measure the length of the grey quartz countertops with a tape measure and divide this measurement by 12 inches. This will give you many braces you need to secure an extension, with a brace at each end and the rest is evenly distributed. Measure about 2 inches from one end of the worktop where you intend to place the extension. Place the bracket against the bench base with the plate of the orthotic level with the top of the countertop.

Squeeze the stag in place to hold it while marking the mounting holes through the stag and into the grey quartz countertops base with a marker. Determine the thickness of the cabinet panel and stag. Combine the two and subtract 1/4 inch to determine the screw length. Set the drill for the length of the depth or place a piece of masking tape around a bit in depth so that you know when you’re drilled deep enough. Drill the marked holes with a drill and a drill large enough to create a hole that provides a tight post for a 1/4 “rear bolt.