How to Use a Countertop Compost Bin

Posted on Countertop Design

Countertop compost bin or kitchen bin compost is a convenient and odor-free tool. It could be a place of making homemade compost or can be purchased at online stores. This is a useful tool that you can store in your kitchen, as it will also help eliminate the odor created by decaying organic waste. You no longer have to throw garbage outdoors because you have a practical desk basket in this kitchen.

You may also wonder how to make countertop compost bin this more useful in the area you specify. Well, this is pretty easy, because you just have to do some simple things. To get started, choose a place in your kitchen that will make waste disposal more practical and accessible, like near the sink. You can make your own compost bin only by using a container that can hold about a gallon worth of waste.

Now that you’re done with your kitchen basket countertop compost bin arrangement, you may start throwing away your organic food scraps in it. Organic food scraps can be fruits and vegetables. You may also ask how the composting work does. Well, composting is best done when there is an addition of moisture because there is plenty of organic and oxygen material present during decomposition. You have to mix your compost from time to time (for days) so your organic garbage can get much-needed oxygen.