How to Use a Metal Pop up Trundle Bed

Posted on Trundle Beds

A pop up trundle bed provides space-saving convenience with a sofa bed with an extra bed hidden when not in use. Many rolling beds have metal frames, although materials and styles will vary from brand to brand. New owners of these beds should familiarize themselves with how to use them easily and safely.  This is what you need double room queen size beds. To use a metal pop up trundle bed, place the bed combo in an area where you will be able to easily pull out the pop-up bed. You need finish on one side of the bed is equal to the amount of space a twin mattress takes up; other furniture or doors should not be in this area.

Slide down the pop up trundle bed underneath the daybed by grabbing the center of the frame side and pulling towards you. If you have two guests who do not want to sleep next to each other, just leave the popup bed in the lowered position, if the model allows. Some beds will automatically rise as you pull them out under the other bed.

Ideas for use a metal pop up trundle bed lift the pup-up bed to access the metal legs, if applied to the model. Some models have locks to lock and lock the legs; first press a button or release a lock to release the legs. Lift the bed gently to help lower the metal legs. When the legs are fully extended securely in place, cover the bed with double or queen size beds. Remove bedding before lowering the bed and pushing back under the bedside. You can keep twin-size beds on the lower bed if you choose. Most models require that you press a button or latch to release the legs from the locked position.