Ideal Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle

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The twin over twin bunk bed with trundle and drawers are ideal for small bedrooms, with little space and no furniture. That is, we can think of a room with a bed, a closet and a dresser. Maybe in the closet do not enter some things, such as underwear, for example. The trundle beds with drawers are designed to take advantage of the space. Let’s say, they look like double beds with drawers but in this case they are, trundle beds with drawers. At a glance, the trundle beds with drawers look like sofa beds. So, let’s say they have three functions offered by the trundle beds with drawers.

The first can be used as an armchair, as seen with the naked eye. The second, as a nest bed and, for the third, space-saving. The best of these beds with drawers is that they can be made in different models and designs, as we saw in the first image and now, in this one. Try not to use the same color throughout the room, much less use many colors. In this image we see a simple and organized room, with colors to represent a bedroom for girls. The purple color appears on the rug and on the cube-shaped shelves. While, in the twin over twin bunk bed with trundle and drawers, you can see white and pink textiles.

To finish this book of ideas, we present this trundle bed with drawers for the princess of the house. A 100 percent design dedicated for girls who love pink. Because the textiles are pink, in different shades, the pink color is not used for the trundle bed with drawers. If you notice, in some designs, the handle of the drawers are the color of the textiles or the room, and in different forms. No more worrying about the lack of space, the twin over twin bunk bed with trundle is now the simplest solution for single rooms. You can place from clothes to toys.