Ideas for Modern Mid Century Bedding

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Mid Century Bedding – Modern mid-century design aesthetics became the 1930s, but it is more closely related to the urban design and architecture of the fifties and sixties. Modern designs from the middle of the last century celebrate simplicity and minimalism creating coherent spaces with perfectly integrated elements from floor to ceiling. Rooms designed in this style create clean, quiet spaces through monochromatic color schemes, elegant architectural lines and limited decoration on furniture or accessories.

Bedroom fabrics can dramatically alter the aesthetics of a room’s design. Because most mid-century modern bedrooms use monochromatic paint schemes, choose fabrics that introduce unexpected and bold uses of color and geometric patterns. Avoid floral patterns or pastel colors that are more in keeping with traditional or colonial styles. Instead, opt for curtains in rich colors such as blue or red sapphire; Incorporate the repetition of geometric shapes like circles in curtains and bedspreads. A quilt that offers a sharp contrast creates color dimension; for example, select a red and black bedspread for a white or gray room, or opt for a gray quilt with neon yellow details to add color to space.

Modern mid-century bedroom furniture is minimalist and elegant; avoid ornate wood beds or headboards with important work of carving or inlaying. Instead, select both low-sitting on painted wood for a clean and simple look; either black, white, red or blue box without headboards or pallets offers an elegant but sober look. Simple party box small tables and agencies in the frame of the bed to create cohesion. To add interest, choose a small piece of furnitures like an accent chair in an unexpected material such as plastic or brushed steel. Do not add too much furniture to space; Store items in built-in cabinets or drawers under the bed to avoid clutter.