Ideas to Assemble Unique Headboards for Twin Beds

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Headboards for twin beds – The headboard of the bed is a part of the bedroom that either can pass completely unnoticed. Or it can be the main protagonist of the decoration of the room. Why? Because of its size and because it is usually placed in front. If it has a striking or original design, it will stand out above the rest of the furniture. Years ago it was almost unthinkable to buy a bed that did not have its corresponding headboard. Always in conjunction with the structure of the bed. Now, on the other hand, there are not a few people who buy only the mattress with its relevant legs.

Some people shun the structure and the headboard, perhaps because they want to design it themselves. Is it your case? Your twin bed does not have a head but would you like to mount one? Well take note because after reading this article you will have ideas. Headboards for twin beds from recycle door and windows is a great idea. There is a type of blinds, those known as “Majorcan “. Which consist of a series of sliding and practicable gates that for decades were placed as shutters to isolate the house from the sun. In addition to their functionality, they brought a rural touch to the exterior of the house and without a doubt had a lot of charm.

Today, if one visits a town with this aesthetic, such as the captivating town of Cadaqués, in Girona- the blinds become the typical picture postcard. The point is that, with the arrival of new materials in the construction of houses, many people replaced the old Mallorcan blinds with more modern systems. And these wooden shutters were reinvented as a valuable object for decorators and interior designers. If you are lucky and you have some, or you know where you can get them at a good price, you should know that you can invent fantastic headboards for twin beds with irresistibly vintage airs. The same is applicable with other types of old doors or windows.