Ikea Futon Bed: A Touch of East for Your Rest

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Ikea futon bed – Ikea futon bed save you space and money by performing two tasks. They never rest, it leaves them to your guests. They have a wide range of styles and colors, with options like sofa beds and corner sofa beds. Many also have integrated storage for linens. With some models, you can even choose mattress type to get exactly the comfort you want. The futons tie the concept of rest inspired by the tradition of the Japanese bed with a purely Nordic style design and intent. The result is fresh, metropolitan and young furniture.

That makes people who love this type of mattress happy and lets them play with elements of style and expressiveness. The futon is in fact a very low mattress. Which is used by oriental cultures as a bed or as an element dedicated to relaxation and rest? It consists of a base with a thick content. The ikea futon bed takes up this idea by proposing minimum thickness mattresses.  Their features allow you to use them in bed or become an alternative sofa in your living room. But these elements are also part of some examples of futon bed sofas, very interesting and engaging urban elements.

They can also be placed in the living room offering extra beds in the bedrooms and in any other room of the house. The more suburban version of the Grankulla can be found in the Ikea Ps Havet model, a futon with wheels. Easy to move from one corner to another of the house as needed, when closed it becomes a comfortable and versatile sofa. In the open version this stylish ikea futon bed gives comfort and the very thick mattress thickness approaches the Japanese model of inspiration. The cost is 399 Euros, for a double bed that can be found in every room in the house.