Install a Travel Trailer with Murphy bed Mechanism

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Travel trailer with Murphy bed – Instructions on how to install a Murphy bed mechanism is lay the mattress frame on the floor oriented so that the mattress would stand over the ceiling and the hinges of the mechanism are closest to the wall where it will be installed. Take two clothes boards and secure them to the hinges on the bedside. Connect the two cabinet boards with a support member and secure support to the housing boards with screws. Drill holes in the cabinet boards to prevent splitting of the woods, where the screw into it.

Install a travel trailer with Murphy bed mechanism; secure a board at the ends of both clothing boards to create the rectangular cabinet Murphy the bed will fold in when not in use. Use C clips to hold the end cap in place to fit. Close the Murphy bed in its case with C-clamps holding the frame to make sure the bed fits right into the travel trailer. Use an exercise to screw the frame together and remove the C clips. End the with drawl weapon, which helps open and close the Murphy bed. The two armature shock connects at one end to the bed frame. Push each hole of the anchor shock over the anchor pin and lock in place by means of a split or lock nut. Push the Murphy bed to the wall it will be anchored and push against the frame until it is smooth and flat against the existing wall.

Anchor Murphy bed mechanism for the tree framing spikes hidden behind the wall. Slide a stud over the surface of the wall on top of the Murphy bed mechanism. When the Finder warns you to a stud location, mark it with a pencil and continue to slide and find the stud that is directly behind the travel trailer with Murphy bed. Attach the Murphy bed cabinet to the wall using three-inch wood screws. Screw the frame to the wall at the top and bottom of the cabinet. Do not attempt to drive screws diagonally through the side of the Murphy bed cabinet into a stud.