Installing Twin Bed Set

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Twin bed set are good for couples without children and people who like a lot of space and do not want a bigger king size bed. The dimensions of a double bed are 60-inches wide and 80-inches deep and usually just right for two people. One of the biggest differences between the king and queen beds is that king beds usually require two double box springs while queen size beds only require a box spring. You also find that queen size bed sets are cheaper and more common than for king size beds. This guide will help you install a double bed for your bedroom.


Set the bed panel twin bed set. Fit the gable if it is not assembled in advance. Take the gable and place it against the wall of your choice. Most people put the gable towards the center of the wall. Measure from the corner to the edge of the gable to make sure the width is also on both sides. Install bed frame. Make sure you have a frame that fits a double bed. Install bed frame if necessary. Lay bed frame near bedside table. Attach the bed frame to the bedside. If screws are needed, use a screwdriver to attach the bed frame to the bottom of the bedside. Drilling may be required to make holes large enough for screws to fit in. Use a wrench if nuts and bolts are required for attachment.

Lay the box spring on the bed frame. Take the box spring and lay it gently on the twin bed set frame. See the box spring is on the right side. Unless fully covered with wood (or other material) should be facing the floor. Lay mattress on the spring box. Take the mattress and place on the box spring. Make sure the mattress and the spring box are aligned so no overlap occurs. Avoid gaps between the spring / mattress and bedside pane. Push in the spring box and mattress near the headboard if needed. Having a gap between the spring / mattress and the bedside can mean that the frame is too big or the spring and mattress box is not safe inside the bed frame. You want to remove that gap so you do not have records falling in the gap when sleeping on your bed.