Installing twin Murphy bed kit

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Twin Murphy bed kit is designed to fold flat against the wall to save floor space. The original Murphy bed was developed and patented around 1900; but the term is now used to refer to any type of bed those folds flat. When measuring for a Murphy bed in your home, you need to take into account not only the dimensions to install it against the wall, but also dimensions the bed when it opens into the room.


Go to the wall where you want to install twin Murphy bed kit and measure for the width of the bed. Find out if your roof is long enough for the bed by measuring from the floor up to the following dimensions, depending on your bed size. For twin, full and queen beds measure 80 inches high.  Measure 84 inches high for king beds and 90 inches for twin Murphy bed kit. Please note that if you have an extra long bed, additional height is required. Place the end of the tape measure against the BMC on the wall where you install the Murphy bed. Stretch it in the middle of the room by 7 feet, which is the smallest free space for the bed to open up. If you do not have this amount of finish, consider moving any furniture that is in the way or finding another installation space for the bed.

Tips and warnings

Note that most building standards require a window is large enough for a person to crawl in any room where a twin Murphy bed kit is installed. See the building standards for your location for exact sizes and specifications. If you install a Murphy bed with a cabinet or bookcase, additional width may be required to accommodate them. This bed can be built to pull down horizontally or vertically, depending on how you hold the large frame against the wall as you trace the contours. A horizontal Murphy bed can be best for smaller children who still want the freedom to pull the bed down for themselves.