Lovely Futon Platform Beds

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Futon platform beds – the futon platform beds was designed by the old Japanese as a bed meant to be stored during the day. It is light, compact, and it was traditionally located on a bar floor. A futon was also traditionally a very thin pillow rather than a thick mattress. This was due to the fact that the mattress should be placed in a closet so that the bedroom could be used for other purposes during daytime. Today, mattresses are generally thicker mattresses, and they come with a folding metal or wooden frame. The futon pillow is flexible enough to fold into a sofa for use during daytime.

At night, the frame can be folded down in a flat position. So that futon can be used as a mattress. A modern futon is meant to be both a bed and a sofa. The futon design has changed significantly over the years, but the thought of a storage or interchangeable furniture has remained consistent. Futon platform beds and look like at first glance, but their goals are very different. In addition to the futon platform beds adapted to Western taste. There are also those who opt for the true “futon” for its merits. It is an organic product made up of natural materials and its conformation suits the weight of the body lying down. Taking the shape of the normal curvature of the virtual column, guaranteeing maximum comfort and relaxation.

The classic futon platform beds have a thickness of about 10 centimeters and are rolled up. It unfolds on the floor at night and is “withdrawn” the following morning, leaving space in the room. Western use is obviously different and the futon is “fixed” as a traditional mattress. The Japanese beds, which have a futon or latex mattress, require special care and attention. It is advisable to let the futon aerate the sun at least three times a week to dissipate moisture and reset the cotton. Alternatively, you can “dry” the futon platform beds with a special “fon” blowing hot air inside, avoiding moldiness and bad smell.