Lovely Mid Century Modern Wood Bed Frame

Posted on Mid Century Bed

Mid century modern wood bed frame – The classic wooden bed is a recurring theme in the world of design. Always in a different way, but in some way always trusted. Today we would like to inspire you with ideas for a wooden bed that you fall in love with. They are all different, but have a really great look that fits into any modern interior. Take a look with us.

Do you like basic, simple things in the world of design? Then this bedroom is really a good option! The bed is made out of one piece and the accompanying furniture is identical. To make the necessary space, shelves are attach to the wall. What do you think of the wall behind the bed? Cool that the surfaces match with the furniture and the shelves!

Just nice and basic and simple. You also have an immediate idea how the rest of the room is going to be when you put this bed into it. Keep it simple, here is the motto! For centuries, black and white design has been a wonderful way to bring variety and balance to your living room. In the Eastern culture black and white stands for the mutually complementing contrasts in the world: man / woman, hard / soft etc.