Make a Plywood Mid Century Platform Bed Queen

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The construction of a mid century platform bed queen is an economical alternative to purchasing your bed frame to a furniture or boutique outlet. Set aside one or two hours for this project, unless you think you paint the wood. If the paint does, set aside two blocks of about an hour each, divided by a few hours or overnight to allow the paint to dry. The dimensions of these plans are for a full size mattress, but you can build a frame for any size mattress by adjusting the measurements.

ideas for make a plywood platform bed queen, sand all sides of your wood with rough grain sandpaper. Then sand one of the faces and edges of the wood with fine-grained sandpaper. Paint all sides of the wood you have sanding with fine-grained sandpaper.

Adjust the four 12-inch by 3/4 inch plywood sheets in a rectangle, resting on their narrower faces. And then connect the plywood using three wood screws per connection, drilled through the surface of the longer blades and into the ends of the shorter blades. Put the 1/2 inch plywood sheet on top of the rectangular frame.  Position the bed frame in position and fix your mattress on top.