Make My Own Mid Century Platform Bed

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Platform beds support mattresses without the help of bulky box springs. Slatted floor versions allow air to reach the underside of the mattress, preventing mold and moisture accumulation. Solid mid century platform bed can sometimes hide a storage space downstairs, like a captain’s bed. Recycled materials such as pallet wood, angle iron and wood or rebar inserts from construction sites allow you to create this an eco-friendly bed.

That holds useful or large items out of landfills and prevents further deforestation. Build a west elm mid century platform bed using plywood and decorate it to match your bedroom decor. Do not count the time it would take to stain or pain it and the extra drying time. For about an hour, you can build a platform bed. You may want to use a table saw or a connection miter saw if you have them

But a circular saw can handle the task. With this simple platform bed, change the look of your bedroom. Give the entire west elm bed frame a brushed surface using a coarse wire wheel on a right angle grinder, followed by a fine wire wheel. Apply three to six coats of rust-inhibiting clear spray enamel, allowing the entire platform bed frame to dry between layers.