Making Japanese Futon Bed

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Japanese futon bed is placed directly on the carpet, or straw, carpets and consists of easily moved padded quilt and curved pillows. They are very comfortable and help the body by improving posture and body positioning during sleep so that the sleeper can have the best rest available. These beds are a wonderful touch to add to any room, especially when the desired decoration theme is Asian or Japanese


Get six tatami carpets. These can be purchased online or in Japan. Tatami carpets are a straw weave and are very sturdy and tough, with the convenience of making them comfortable. These are the rugs often seen under Japanese futon bed. Six to eight Mats fill up a medium sized bedroom, but more will be needed for a larger room or fewer can be used for those who prefer to have them placed just under the bed.

Measure cotton material. The measurements should contain all dimensions for the Japanese futon bed. The exact dimensions may vary depending on personal preferences, but the typical futon measurement should be about 5 u00BD to 6 feet in length and about 4 meters wide. Measure a little extra material outside the desired size for sewing. Make sure there are two pieces of cotton material for the futon in the same size. Turn cotton so that the material that will be on the outside is turned inward while the inside is facing outwards. Pin up the material and then sew up three sides using a sewing machine. Turn the right side of the material.

Sides cotton material with cotton or silk. Cotton will make the futon company, while silk will make it softer. Keep in mind that the page can be expensive, especially when used for a material to stuff a mattress. Stuff futon until it reaches the desired thickness. Pin the last page and test the feeling of futon. Add more filling as needed, and then sew the last side with a sewing machine. Cover the futon with a sheet and then place it on top of the tatami carpets. Add a bowed pillow to get full effect of a Japanese bed.