Mid Century King Bed Frame Design

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Mid century king bed frame – Instead of spending money on an expensive bed frame, make your own simple platform frame to use with your king size bed. Buy four sheets of plywood for the entire bed. Since each sheet is 4 by 8, you can cut the pieces of the four frames out of one sheet, the panels of the second sheet and the plywood frame of the remaining two sheets. Cut the pieces for the bed of the frame of the wood using a circular saw. Cut the four pieces of a sheet of plywood.

Assemble the four pieces to make a rectangular shaped mid century king bed frame and nail each corner finished along with a hammer and nails. You can also use a nail gun if you have to mount the frame faster. To ensure safe boards, add nails in the top and bottom corners at a 45 degree angle to connect all the boards.

Cut six wooden planks to use as a support inside the box. The width measurements of the interior tables will vary depending on the wood thickness you choose, so measure before cutting for a precise fit. To measure, place the tape inside the longest portion of the mid century king bed frame and measure across the opposite side. Cut the board admits to that measurement on the second sheet of plywood.