Mid Century Modern Dog Bed Wooden Base

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Mid century modern dog bed – Treat your dog to a nice sleeping area and create a bed that offers support, as well as a wonderful cedar scent. Cedar wood material, used with pieces of dense foam parts, go a long way to give your dog day and night sleeping. Another advantage is that cedar repels most insects, such as ticks and fleas. Whichever build you use for the dog bed, make sure it is easy to build and clean fast in the washer and dryer.

Measure your pets while lying down and add approximately 6 to 8 inches out of the size. Your dog should rest comfortably in the middle of the homemade dog bed patterns. The size of 40 inches by 40 inches is a medium to a large sized dog. Sew three of the four sides of the top and bottom shaped velvet parts using the sewing machine or sewing by hand with needle and thread. Hem both ends of the last side and put the case aside from the bed.

Trim pantyhose legs and use your legs to stuff in your cedar shavings. Fill your pillowcases with the cedar bags and the dense foam squares. Pack the cases tightly, fold the pillowcase edges and stuff the cases inside the large dog furniture of the casing you just sewed together. The shell should be well padded giving your dog adequate support, but it will still give enough for comfort.