Murphy Bed Bunk Beds to Solve Limited Area

Posted on Murphy Beds

Murphy bed bunk beds are a versatile interior designed to solve limited area problem of bedroom space in studio apartments. With Murphy bed, you can completely hide it after some space such as cabinet doors, bookshelf or wall installation. As such, homeowners can integrate many functions in a room space, as well as bedroom, working room or play, entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of ideas behind design of this bedroom. At first glance, this is just a normal rest room, with sofa bed, tea table, stool and no bed. One highlight for main room is wall of black wood with luxurious details gilded. When needed, this wall opens to reveal a double bed that forms bedroom space for homeowner.

Simple color combination of two black – white create harmony for bedroom in this modern minimalist style. You want to have both a sofa and a bed in your room but do not think of a reasonable layout when space is limited. A double murphy bed bunk beds can pull down from wall behind sofa and hang “hovering” above it. Raising bed height allows you to use sofa and bed simultaneously, and at same time, provides perfect viewing angle for watching TV. This is a combination of sofas, cabinets and double beds from Italian furniture. And better, size, color and design of kit can be customized to wishes of owner.

With special small spaces where you do not want bed to occupy too much space of room, murphy bed bunk beds design will certainly satisfy you. As you can see, a single bed is integrated in drawer below bookcase of this reading room. This is a great option for one-bedroom or children’s rooms. Owner wants to “pack” many uses into a room area with help of this intelligent shelving system. A desk design, solid bookshelf is installed directly on wall allowing space to be used as a daytime office.