Murphy Bed Full: Great Asset For Large Families

Murphy bed full or folding beds are the great asset of the large families, of the houses in which they have visits often enough to offer them something better than a sofa bed (and that there are very good ones); They are the favorites of children and adults because they are a piece of furniture during the day but at night they become a comfortable resting place.  By 1850 we have news of the first folding beds , when what the inhabitants of the houses were looking for was to show the best face and the best furniture in the places where they received the visits , generally in the living rooms.

A murphy bed full cabinet solved the needs of having a sturdy piece of furniture that would occupy a lot of space, although as you can imagine, let alone put things on the shelves unless they were removed each night. Some of these furniture outside seemed blind cupboards, inside which could be the crockery, food, books … but could not see because the doors were totally made of wood. Another option was to hide inside wall pianos , and with just one piece of furniture they got two status symbols: the folding bed for the night and the piano for the day.

For middle-class families , murphy bed full allowed one room to be used as a living room and bedroom at a time. In fact, even before the invention of this type of bed, the living room had that use as well, though with mattresses that lay on the floor. It was from the mid-nineteenth century when the rules of etiquette marked that the bedrooms and beds should remain out of sight of the guests in America, where these beds emerged, although in Europe it had been doing before.