Murphy bed Office Design Ideas

Posted on Murphy Beds

Turning a bedroom with a Murphy bed office provides space you can use as a guest room and complete tasks such as households accounting. The key to making the room work well for both activities is to set up in a way that allows you to use Murphy bed without jeopardizing the use of other furniture. You may perform this task in one or more ways. Paint the wall opposite Murphy bed and the two adjacent walls of the same color, and paint Murphy bed wall another contrasting color. Painting the system makes the bed’s wall burn the wall. For the bed’s wall, use a color that is alive, yet fit in an office setting, such as cobalt blue or the hunter green. Choose a contrasting color for the remaining walls.

Hide built-in Murphy bed office by hanging floor length curtains in front of the bed, making the room seem to have a window in that location. Use a curtain rod that protrudes from the wall to provide space for the bed. Install curtain covers so you can pull the curtains aside when you need to use the bed. Hang one or more pieces of the drawing on the Murphy bed wall, but keep the design simple. Choose pieces like long Asian rolls or art in long frame frames, and hang them on each side of the bed.

Lay out an attractive corner desk in the corner opposite the Murphy bed office. Make sure at the end of the desk clean the bed. Place office furniture on wheels on the other end of the wallet wall. You can roll every piece of office furniture out of the way, and you can move them in front of the Murphy bed if needed or to prevent the room’s furniture from looking skew. Measure how far Murphy bed extends when pulled down from the wall. Make sure you have at least 18 and 24 inches of walkway space between the extended bed and the furniture. Furniture such as a bookcase or chest of drawers work well at the end of a Murphy bed office.