New Alternative Icestone Countertops

Posted on Modern Countertop

Icestone countertops are a relatively new alternative construction material. Imagine being able to match an old tile perfectly! The material can be used on walls, floors or counters, or all three things – it is an extraordinarily versatile product. External applications are fine; the material is UV stable and able to withstand extreme temperatures. This material offers an alternative to natural stone. It is less porous than marble and is in the form of heat and resistant as granite zero. It is installed much like natural stone.

However, icestone countertops do not require the huge amount of fossil fuels that is needed to extract and transport the natural stone. It does not meet the requirements of the American Disability Law to be used as floors, although it would have to be cut in tiles first.  Cleaning is carried out by simply washing the surface with a mild soap and water. Prices and installation is similar to granite in most areas of the country.

Many people do not realize that granite materials and other building stones are not a sustainable material. Once they are removed from the earth and changed they are gone forever in their natural state and quarries change the environment in a way irrevocable. icestone countertops is created in a green environment. The company seems to be dedicated to keeping the carbon footprint at a miniscule level.