New Inspiration Style Twin Size Bed Tent

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Twin Size Bed Tent – Native Americans had several basic housing structures in the past, including communal houses, teepees and Indian stores. Wigwams are usually domed houses made of sticks and tree bark. Bed tents are a fun and practical addition to a child’s room. A tent on the bed can provide a sense of security and protection at night, allowing a child to fall asleep easier. During the day, it can be a place to play make-believe, turning a child’s room into a desert hideaway, a fort or even a rocket. Mercantile bed styles are sold in bed stores, but an inventive parent can make an ordinary twin bed tent with a few accessories, saving money and allowing a custom bed.

Use poles to keep the center of the twin size bed tent. These poles can be broom handles specially bought for the project, or a real mop or broom handle appropriate for the job. Secure the poles to the bed structure or the mooring headboard with the rope. The adhesive tape could also be used to secure a post for a solid headboard or bed frame, as long as the tape is used in the back. The adhesive tape can damage the finish of the wood, so do not use on the visible side of the furniture. Place a large sheet over the two poles, allowing the sides to hang over the edge of the bed.

Use a sheet that is at least one size larger than the twin size bed tent for the best results, for example, use a full sheet or a queen in a double bed. Attach the sheet to the corners of the head plate and foot, or use the clothing contacts or safety pins to attach the sheet to the corners of the mattress. Leave a free corner to allow the entrance of the store. Tents can be add to a lower bunk bed, putting the edge of a sheet on the top twin bed and allowing it to cover the lower twin bed.