Nice Purple Full Size Comforter

Posted on Bohemian Bedroom

Purple full size comforter – Normally I do not quite like a purple bedroom, but this is a special case. I found this purple bedroom at gouse to home and wanted to share this with you right here. Perhaps there are some nice bedroom ideas that you can use. The problem often is that people find a certain color very beautiful, and then use it exaggeratedly when decorating their bedroom.

This purple bedroom contains a number of ideas that you can use very well if you want to decorate a bedroom with a defining color. Due to various elements used here, the purple bedroom has a special luxurious look. This has to do with the beautiful pillows and duvet cover of satin, but the golden hanging lamps also play a role in this.

As a bedside wall, a high wall has been chosen here, naturally also of purple. You often see this in luxury hotel rooms. To compensate for all the purple, a neutral wall has been chosen. Another important tip for a purple bedroom is that it can turn out well if you use different shades of purple. From lilac to eggplant, for example. That way you change it a bit and despite the fact that there is quite a lot of purple in this purple bedroom, it is very easy to afford.