Options for Mid Century Queen Bed to Consider

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Mid Century Queen Bed – When buying bedroom furniture, panel beds and platform are two of its many options. Both types of bed come in a wide range of price points, and both are offered by numerous manufacturers. Panel and platform beds see nothing like it, but both styles are different. A key difference is that panel beds require a box spring, while platform beds do not.

A panel bed consists of a headboard and footboard made of flat wooden panels. The panels are framed with raised molding or grooves that mimic traditional wood panels or siding. The headboard and the footboard are connected by wooden rails. Manufacturers offer panel beds in painted finishes and wool dyeing. Some also offer head-only versions. A platform bed has a flat, slab-like platform that sits on the legs or a base frame. Some bases include storage drawers. Platform beds come in wood, metal and laminate versions. Some platforms are optional headers or attachments. In some cases, the headboards are upholstered in cloth or leather.

Panel and platform beds vary in height. Panel beds are almost always taller than platform beds, which mean that the mattress feels superior as well. Although platform beds are elegant and low to the ground, they often take up more space than panel beds. Many of the designs have platforms that are larger than the size of the mattress that are meant to accommodate. The difference in size ranges from a few inches to more than one foot all the way around.