Perfectly Integrated Moon White Granite Countertops

Posted on Countertop Paint

Ancient and modern at the same time. A combination, in which moon white granite countertops perfectly integrated, slightly beveled at the edges and cut into the squares to adapt to the curved shape of the corners of the kitchen cabinet. In the white granite countertop we find two different widths for different work areas. Where the sink fits, a space a little narrower and the cutting area and small appliances much wider and wider.

The thickness of the countertop is a detail that further enhances the character that prints the moon white granite countertops in this kitchen design. Much more minimalist, but with a certain oriental flair. The white of the granite contrasts with the dark of the inferior furniture, while it matches the highest ones. The taps and decoration seem to be designed to maintain that combination of black and white.

A small inverted cornice tops the edge of the countertop adding a subtle detail of almost hidden elegance. This makes it possible to fragment the furniture and, as in this case, install two different countertops: one of moon white granite countertops where the vitro is embedded and another of granite veined in white and ash tones for the sink and the hole in front where to place the small appliances such as coffee machine or juicer.