Polka Dot Comforter Set Decorating Atmosphere

Posted on Mid Century Bed

Polka dot comforter set – Decorating a room can be a challenge when it comes to matching bedding and curtains. A quilt and curtains should work together to create a uniform design in general and feel. Keep some simple decorating ideas in mind effective decorating needs more than matching colors in a room. Color is an important part of matching the quilt and curtains in a bedroom. However, you do not want the tone to comforter sets your bedroom.

If the quilt you are interested in has a variety of colors, choose only one of those colors to match the curtains. Collect some paint particles of the colors in the polka dot comforter set king, put them on the bed and choose the color piece of paint that you like the most. Take the paint sample to the store with you when shopping for curtains instead of trying to guess the colors. The choice of type of fabric is also important when you want your matching curtains and comforter.

For example, do not use long velvet curtains with a duvet type duvet. When using a patterned polka dot bed sheets or duvet quilt, choose cotton or even lace fabrics. Velvet curtains would match better with a satin type duvet since they are more elegant fabrics than country-style cotton. While your quilt or curtains have a bold pattern it is better to buy solids or tone on tone fabrics.