Pros & Cons of a Butchers Block Countertop

Posted on Modern Countertop

Butchers block countertop – Slagter block countertops are made of solid wood, which usually consists of maple, but can be made from any tree. They are so named because butchers used to use them for countertops in the stores. Eventually, declining homeowners slaughter block counters would be attractive and useful counters in their homes.

Aesthetics; butchers block countertop can add an aesthetic beauty to any kitchen. Warm surface and color can be mixed with most environments. The downside to this is that butcher blocks can be armed and burn. So there may be some maintenance that will be required. You can have sand and use mineral oil once upon a time to maintain this aesthetic quality. Cost; maple butchers block countertop are cheaper than the same worktops made of granite or stainless steel – about 70 to 75 percent cheaper, respectively.

But if you are interested in having a teak or other hardwood surface, the cost can be prohibitive. Especially when compared to granite and stainless steel. Maintenance; in order to maintain the beauty of butchers block countertop, there are some steps that must be done regularly to keep it looking nice. Such as grinding and using mineral oil, as previously mentioned. For those who do not mind a little maintenance, blocking blocks can be a good option. Some consumers will find this too much extra work so this countertop would not be the one.