Really Cool Country Bedroom Decorating

Posted on Rustic Bedding

Country bedroom decorating – Robust wooden floors with a weathered look, supplemented by a combination of wooden and brick walls with a rough finish. Of course, not everyone is blessed with a real brick interior wall. Fortunately there are enough wallpapering to find the right print. This way you don’t have to renovate entire rooms for these bedroom ideas! The right choice of lighting can also make all the difference.

There is plenty of choice for fans of the industrial look. Many designers make special lamps with materials that perfectly match the appearance. A tough mix of metal and other materials, a robust appearance and above all a large amount of character! Take the lamp below, for example, where wood forms the basis, supplemented by striking cabling and metal frames.

Really cool, unique and a real eye-catcher. A standard cupboard or bookshelf is of course out of tune, and that is a shame. In terms of bedroom ideas for storage space you can go all kinds of directions. The storage shelves in the photo below make good use of raw wood and a steel construction. Next to the bed you put a special industrial bedside table with a matching lamp on top.