Restoration Old Wrought Iron Twin Bed

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Wrought Iron Twin Bed – Old beds add the beauty of the craftsmanship and the exclusivity of an old bedroom. Finding an adjustment mattress can take extra planning, as standard mattress sizes were not always the norm. Iron beds also are very careful, since you cannot screw on boards to adjust modern mattress sizes. If you are tired of the appearance of dark wrought iron bed frames, you can paint in the color of your choice. Not any painting will do, however. Metal paints contain additives that prevent oxidation. Also, not all material metal and paints are compatible.

One solution is to choose a primer and coat finish paint from the same manufacturer that are designed to be used together. Clean the wrought iron twin bed frames with a cloth that is dipped in turpentine. That will help you remove all traces of oil and grease from the frames. Scrape the rusted areas with a spatula or scraping tool. Remove all loose oxide scale. Rub the surface with steel wool, too. Apply an oil-based primer. The primer has to be designed for use on metal surfaces such as wrought iron. Roll over the primer with a small roller. Run the primer with a brush. Cover the entire surface with a layer of primer.

Paint the frames of the wrought iron twin bed with a paint finish that has a corrosion inhibitor within 24 hours of priming them. That will help the bonding of primer and paint. Roll in the paint in the same way you apply the primer. Use a brush to make smooth movements, sweep to distribute the paint. Change to a synthetic bristle brush if you decide to use a water-based paint. Cut a section of plywood to cover bed springs if you want to avoid the descent that occurred over time with more beds. Use a 3/4 inch piece of plywood, cut to fit the bed to prevent cracks in the middle.