Romantic Chic Bedroom Sets

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Chic bedroom sets – If there was one thing to remember Shabby Chic style is his love for antique furniture . The Shabby Chic is particularly fond of molded furniture with a “period” style, such as a Louis XV style dresser, for example.  Shabby meaning “worn” or “damaged”, these furniture often seem to have suffered the ravages of time. Shabby Chic likes to use patina on furniture.

In light tones, this one allows to highlight the old aspect of a piece of furniture, in particular by highlighting the work of the moldings. Be sure to keep some loose furniture. The patina must be the exception and not the rule if you want to highlight your antique furniture. Shabby Chic is the romantic and country decor par excellence.

Ideal in a country house, this style is full of light and natural tones . There is obviously a great use of white, soft colors, such as taupe, and linen for upholstery. But this range of colors extends to pastel shades and more feminine: we find in particular powder pink , but also water green. The Shabby Chic style is very recognizable by its floral motifs . Whether found on cushions, dishes or on a vase, flowers are an integral part of a successful Shabby Chic decor.