Rustic Bunk Beds: Extra Place to Sleep for Any Guests

Posted on Rustic Bedding

Do you want to tackle rustic bunk beds a bit more subtly? Then working with lighting is a good idea! Here is chosen for blue (LED) lighting on the ceiling, which gives the bedroom an exciting look. This room also has functional ‘normal’ lighting. This is of course necessary for all practical matters that take place in the bathroom.

You could also opt for lighting in a different color, with which you can easily change the atmosphere in the nursery. Where we showed the castle of the knight above, there is of course also a variant for girls. See here: the tower for real princesses! On the picture below we see a bunk bed, but you could also go for a loft bed. Although, it is always useful to have an extra place to sleep for any guests.

You can also choose to create additional storage space under the bed by adding a drawer. Add an extra mattress or extra bedding or toys! This cot is completely finished with a roof on the tower, and bedding with cute floral motif. The beautiful round windows and gate make this bed a real princess castle! What do you think of this princess bed? We are fan!