Rustic King Bed Personality Structure Design

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Rustic king bed – If you like the outdoor activities aspect, making your own rustic bed structure is not only an ideal project, but it will also save you money. If you live near a wooded area, pick up your own pieces of wood or visit a lumberyard to pick up wood that suits your style, such as natural birchwood. Making your own bed frame is an easy weekend project, and it takes only a few tools to finish.

Gather your natural birch wood, or buy it through a lumberyard. Lay out on a protective cover, and spray with pesticides to eliminate the insects that remain on the tree. Let it dry in the sun for 12 hours to remove excess moisture. Cut out the pieces according to the structure of the rustic bed frames diy size you want. You will have to cut four medium pieces for the header and foot of two long pieces.

To account for the side rails of the frame, and cut many smaller pieces to add to the header and foot. The measurement of these will be dictating by the width of the header. Make sure that the base of each trunk is cut uniformly, to provide stability in the bed. Position the barnwood beds frame. The header will have two vertical pieces. The side frame will have two horizontal pieces, followed by two vertical pieces for the footboard.