Rustic Queen Bed Frame Ideas

Posted on Rustic Bedding

Rustic queen bed frame can be good for one person, but can get crowded if two people need to sleep. If you love the look of your full size headboard, but want more sleeping space, buy a conversion kit that provides space for a rustic queen bed frame. The rates are quite easy to install, and can be removed if you want to use your full size mattress again.


Remove your rustic bed frame, remove the mattress, spring box, moldings and rails. Take a look at the rails to determine how they connect to the headboard and footsteps. If they attach with hooks, you need a conversion kit with hooks. Similarly, if the rails are fastened with bolts, you need a conversion kit that attaches with screws. Buy a conversion kit. You can find one at many mattress stores or specialty stores. Make sure to buy one that will attach properly to your headboard and footsteps, either through hooks or screws.

Attach the transducer rail to the headboard and footsteps. If the rails have hooks, gently slide them into the headboard and step up the compartment until they lock into place. If your rails are bolting, tighten them properly, but over tighten. Find intermediate support rails. There is one in the middle of each rail. Swing them out so that they meet in the middle and form a long rail that extends the width of the queen bed frame. Connect the two rails together with the hardware provided in the conversion kit. Then, the center support leg rotates to expand it so that it only almost touches the floor, with about 1/4 inch across.