Rustic Toddler Bed Design Ideas

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Rustic toddler bed – Children want their room to be a sanctuary of comfort and play. A place where they can go and just be a child. Part of the creation of this perfect room includes youth furniture. The beds that you would put in your bedroom or your room are ideal for an adult, but they probably do not fit the idea of ​​a perfect room for your child. You could buy a specialty bed in a furniture store, but they are expensive. Making your own requires little building skills at a fraction of the cost of buying a youth bed in the store.

Place a 41 by 30 by 3 plywood or 4 inch over the work surface. Use as much of the plywood as possible to draw a shape that reflects the theme of your child’s room with a pencil. For example, if your daughter has a fairy garden bedroom, create a butterfly or a flower. Or, if your child wants a pirate room, draw a pirate ship or leave it as a rectangle to create the Jolly Roger.

Cut the drawn shape using a jigsaw and a rotary tool to create a header. Once cut, sand the edges with medium grain sandpaper. Paint the cutout using acrylic or flat paints, latex paints. Allow the paint to dry overnight. Spray the surface of the plywood painted with an acrylic sealer to protect it from wear. Allow the sealer to dry overnight. Lift the headboard up to the wall where you want to mount it, with the bottom edge 25 inches above the floor. Use a nail gun to attach the headboard to the wall.