Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor with Used Goods

Posted on Mid Century Bed

Create a shabby chic bedroom decor with recycled items. Using recycled and re-decided items to improve your home is both budget and environmentally friendly. Use items that you have in your home to decorate your bedroom, or take a trip to a flea market or second hand store. Be creative by transforming utility items and vintage, such as furniture and textiles, into trendy bedroom decor to create a one-of-a-kind look.


Decorate a dull shabby chic bedroom wall by making a wall mural of wallpaper clips. Cut the paper into shapes, such as trees, leaves and birds, and paste them onto the wall in the desired design. Fill a glass canning jar with a handful of flowers or daisies and place it on a night stand for a country-inspired look. Place your antique marble, button, seashell or sea glass collection in vintage pharmacist jars. Set a jar of sea glass near a window to catch the light.

Frame vintage postcard and newspaper advertising for a shabby chic bedroom style. Place romantic or travel-inspired postcards, along with old-fashioned beauty product or clothing ads, in ancient gold frames and hang them on empty walls. Fill an antique wooden sea captain’s chest with extra blankets and clothing items and place it at the end of your bed. Place a plush pillow on top of the chest to turn it into a bench for sitting. Pour a paraffin wax mixture into recycled tea cans featuring eye-catching labels to turn them into light holders. Let the wax cool overnight before burning the candles. Show the lights on bedroom wall shelves or a night stand.