Simple and Elegant Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

Posted on Bohemian Bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom furniture – If you are romantic and want to redecorate or rearrange your room in this way, the shabby chic style is exactly what you need. It is a clever blend of French elegance and the somewhat old-fashioned charm of the Victorian era in 19th century England. Discover all our shabby chic bedroom inspirations. Start by buying antique furniture at the flea market. Opt for chairs, dressers, bedside tables or mirrors and paint them white.

The worn look is characteristic in the shabby chic style. That’s why an old chandelier, for example, adds an elegant touch to your bedroom decor. As a rule, soft pink tones are pretty dominant in this style of bedroom decor. But you can also dress your walls and your bed linen with parma, pastel lilac, gold, beige or pale turquoise.

White comes naturally to associate with these nuances. Then, in terms of accessories, flower pots, vases or teapots come to put beautiful shabby accents. The floral motifs and the arabesques draw beautiful ornaments on the wallpaper. They are found mainly on pillowcases and curtains. Do not forget one or two rattan or wicker baskets with fresh flowers like peonies or lilacs to magnify this “so shabby” ensemble.